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What if I’ve never run before?
Then join our eight-week Beginners Course. It’s designed for women who can’t run for a bus or even 25 yards to the end of their garden at the moment. But at the end of the eight week-course you’ll be running three miles ... Really!
What if I can’t come on the first Beginners course session?
We’ll accept beginners starting in the second week but not after that. Sorry.
How can I possibly achieve three miles in just eight weeks?
You will – honestly – providing you follow the course. We’ll also ask you to do ‘homework’ twice a week to build up your stamina. This will involve repeating pretty much what you’ve done on each Saturday morning.
What if I can’t keep up with the others on the Beginners course?
We build up so gradually that you’ll be fine. On the first night we show you the “Sisters Shuffle” in which you jog so slowly that you could walk faster! Then we gradually build up your speed and your stamina to the promised three miles at the end of the course.
What does the course cost?
The course costs £15.00 including tuition, and training schedule
What if I decide I don’t like running?
Running isn’t for everyone. We know that. If, after the first week of the course, you find you aren’t enjoying it, let us know and we’ll refund your course fee - no problem and no questions asked.
What happens at the end of the course?
You can enter our three-mile Beginners’ Fun Run - just to prove to yourself that you really can run that distance! It doesn’t matter where you finish, everyone gets a medal and it’s lots of fun. After that, if you feel you’d like to keep up you new-found fitness and to continue running, you can become a fully-fledged member of the Running Sisters.
What do I do when the course is over?
If you’ve enjoyed running, you can keep running with us on a regular basis on a Saturday morning throughout the year. Or join one of the other Sisters groups, or another running club, or just run on your own - what ever suits you.
How do I join?
Just turn up on the first morning before 10.00 a.m. to sign on (even if it’s pouring with rain!)
I’m a bit shy. Can I come on my own?
Of course! This is a great group to join since it is so friendly. You will find yourself running alongside a wide variety of women and chatting away as you go. It’s very sociable.
Do you have any age restrictions?
We welcome any sister over the age of 16. The majority of our members are between 30 and 50 but we have many older and younger runners amongst our membership.
I suffer from asthma. Can I still run?
Some of our ladies have asthma. They simply carry an inhaler to be on the safe side. If in doubt, check with your doctor.
I’m overweight. Can I still run?
Yes. In fact, you’ll probably find that you will lose some weight when you start running, or certainly that you’ll feel and look trimmer. Running combined with dieting is an excellent way to lose weight but, if in doubt, or if you are very overweight, you should check with your doctor first.
What should I wear?
A sweatshirt or T-shirt and leggings, or track-suit bottoms, are fine. You’ll also find that you’ll probably need a sports bra. In the summer many women wear shorts and a cool running vest but it’s up to you. You’ll want to buy some good running shoes eventually but just wear trainers, or similar suitable shoes, until you have decided whether running is for you or not.
I already run, do I still have to join the Beginners’ Course?
No. If you can run two or three miles on your own or, if you are already fit because you participate in some other active sport regularly, then you are welcome to join us at any time. Most people find that they can run much further with a group than they can alone. Just come along on a Saturday morning.
Where do you run?
That depends on the season. Saturday mornings, we venture out onto the footpaths and bridleways within about a three-mile radius of Cassiobury Park. In the evenings, we stick to well-lit roads and footpaths.
How far and how fast do you run?
After the beginners’ course, we’ll usually run for approximately three miles but some will choose to run further. These runs will take between 45 minutes and an hour and a quarter to complete. So on a Saturday morning we are generally back in the car park at about 11.00 a.m. The beginners certainly run very, very slowly to start with. The more experienced runners usually cover a mile in 10 to 12 minutes which is comfortable for most people.
Is it safe?
Would you attack a bunch of 10 or 20, or even four women? We think not! But, more to the point, if anyone falls over or twists an ankle, there is always a companion available to call for help. The whole ethos of the Running Sisters is to stick together and look after each other so that no one ever gets left behind. We operate a ‘peeling back’ system so that, if the head of the crocodile gets too far ahead of the tail, the front runners simply peel off and run to the back, and so on, until we are back in a tight group again.
Will I be expected to come every week?
No, not at all. If you want to join the Sisters after the Beginners’ Course, or indeed at any time, then you can run with us three times a week or three times a year. It's entirely up to you
How much is it to join?
If you have completed the Beginners’ Course, if you want to continue running with us then annual membership costs just £12.
Do you still run in the rain?
Very definitely yes. The only weather that stops us is snow or ice.