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race reports
Bupa London 10k - Monday 25th May 2009

Thankfully it was not as hot as the weekend had been.  A really really good well organised run.  Fantastic support along the way, with various bands playing along the route.  We all thought it was going to be a very crowded run with 12500 people running a 10k route, but there are 9 waves and each wave goes off separately with a 2 minute gap in between each start.  A really nice medal and running t shirt awaits you at the end.  I will certainly be doing this run again next year.  Well done to all those Running Sisters who took part, Shirley Stirling, Julie Taylor, Kathy Scruton, Rosey Casey, Christine Hill, Deidre Webber, Hilary Evans, Roz Fullylove

Kings Langley 10K - Sunday 17th May 2009

A very wet and cold morning as Julie, Kathy and Roz attempted this 3 lap course each lap is 2 miles.  A horrid hill awaits as you go over the start/finish line.  A small well organised run, with very good encouragement from the marshals, especially as you pass them 3 times.  A good run to do not far from home.  We had Graham Taylor waiting for us at the finish to give us our medals and to have a picture taken with him.

Watford 10k - Monday 4 May 2009 - by various

A great turnout by the Running Sisters, on a grey wet morning, but good running weather.  A delayed start, due to some running numbers not being sent out, meant our girls had to wait in the cold in their new vests.  A beautiful course through the bluebells takes you along some of the route we we cover on a Saturday, and along to the well known last 2k uphill and towards the finish.  A bit of advice, save a bit in reserve for the last 2k.  The support was good near the finish and knowing you were running with lots of other Running Sisters was great motivation.  Well done to  Angela Cory, Rosie Casey, Carole Bartlett, Amanda Lee, Kathy Scruton, Elinor Evans, Dora Slater, Barbara Byrne, Lynne Saint, Liz Grey, Hilary Evans, Lyn Daysh, Ann Bruley, Maria Byrne, Deidre Webber.  Well done Running Sisters and a lovely picture

Flora London Marathon - Sunday 26 April 2009 - by Roz Fullylove

Amazing - thats how I would describe the London Marathon again, but very very hot.  A fantastic run with the best support you could ask for and organisation that is the best I’ve known.  The Tryhards had a very early start as we had to be at St Albans by 6.15am, but the time goes very quick.  I was in a different start to Kathy and Julie but you soon get chatting to loads of people.  I saw Kathy at about mile 11 and she had the biggest smile on her face that I have ever seen.  All 3 of us got a PB time.   A fantastic, hot, tiring, memorable day.  The worst bit about doing a marathon ...THE TRAINING